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Cath Fisher

Relationship Therapist

Emotional & Practical Support, Online or In Person Sessions

I'm Cath Fisher, Relationship Therapist and Expert in Break Up's and Make Up's.

Do you want to repair your marriage or lovingly release it?

Is your marriage lonely or disconnected and you're unsure how to fix it?

From my own experience, I know how difficult it is to admit that you need help. The fear of addressing the issue often leaves people with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. So, whether you're stuck, swirling in the 'should I stay or should I go' phase or whether you're tired of the lack of connection in your marriage and want intimacy and affection,

I can help you.

An expert in both break up's and make up's, I am here to help you explore the issue and find the resolve. I am a couples therapist and counsellor, and a licensed divorce coach, experienced in helping people go from break up to break through and from tear to repair.


Individual or couples therapy, in person or online. Click below for more details.        


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Break Up's, Separation
& Divorce

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Repair & Restore Your Relationship

 Move on from heartbreak and overwhelm. Get clarity, take back your control and move forwards with your life.

 Recover your relationship and repair the damage. Transform your marriage and move forwards differently.

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