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Relationship Therapy for Couples

Couples Therapy

All relationships go through rough patches. I know from my own marriage the difficulty of keeping it together when you feel like giving up. I understand the anxiety, the holding on and the fear when everyone expects you to crumble.


Chances are you're finding it difficult too, and that's why you're here.

Are you unhappy in your marriage?

I understand - I know how it feels.

Are you worried that your relationship won't make it?

 I understand - I know how it feels.

Maybe your partner had an affair and you feel you can't trust them again. Maybe you've grown so far apart and you're scared that you've fallen out

of love with one another.    

This is why I am here - to help you repair the damage and transform your marriage.

Couples counselling does work.


Working with me can be an amazing opportunity to realign your relationship. When two people commit to change and adapt their negative behaviours, begin to listen to one another and validate each other's feelings, the results are HUGE.

I am a Relationship Therapist with a toolbox full of strategies and techniques to help you and your partner overcome the obstacles and heal from the inside out.
Strategies and techniques that have been designed by some of the world's leading names in neuroscience, trauma healing and relationship psychologies. 

I will help you bring down the barriers, process any pain, and put things back together, step by step, day by day.  

I will teach you to let go of the fear, the overwhelm, any heartbreak or betrayal, 
and move forwards differently.


I can support you wherever you are in your journey.

Has Your Partner Had An Affair?

Have nothing in common anymore? 
Considering a Separation or Divorce?


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