Do I Need A Divorce Coach?

Divorce is so much more than a legal process.

I bet you're thinking - why do I need a Divorce Coach?

Maybe you're wondering if you should or shouldn't Divorce? Maybe you're stuck on the how's.

How do I do this? How do I move on? How do I cope afterwards?

Maybe you're already Separated but stuck in the grieving process and no matter what

you do you just can't seem to get past it.  


It's okay, I understand

Divorce is now commonly known as life's second most traumatic event -

the first being the death of a loved one.

Puts it in perspective doesn't it.


Divorce is a painful process; it can consume you both emotionally and physically. Some days you

will feel like there is nothing left. You feel black and blue on the inside.


There are many reasons people choose to work with me, but the the top 5 most common are

  1. Unsure if they want a Divorce and need help considering their options

  2. Going through a high conflict Divorce and finding it hard to cope

  3. Struggling to help their children deal with it and minimise the impact it is having on their lives

  4. Unable to move on, feel heart broken and want to get better

  5. Confused by all the legal jargon and overwhelmed with the paperwork 

     There are many other reasons to work with me. These vary from coping strategies to deal with the emotional trauma brought on by your Separation or Divorce right through to dating advice, you might

know you are ready to date again, but don't know where to start.   

This is my specialism; this is what I do

Want to Know More About Divorce Coaching? 


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