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Break Up's, Separation & Divorce

Separation and Divorce Therapy

I know from my own personal experience, both as a child and as an adult, how hard Separating and Divorcing can be. Chances are you're finding it hard too

and that's why you're here. 

Going through a Separation or Divorce comes with huge challenges, both in an emotional and a practical sense. It can feel like a whirlwind of overwhelm,

heartbreak and trauma. 

This is why I am here - to help you get clarity of your situation, take back your control and move on with your life.
Are You Stuck or Struggling to Move On?

I understand - I know how it feels.


Are You Paralysed By The Fear of Life As a Single Parent?

 I understand - I know how it feels.

Despite the trauma of it all, this can actually be amazing opportunity to redesign your life the way YOU want it. Sounds impossible at the moment, I know. But it isn't.

I am an Expert Separation and Divorce Therapist and Coach with a toolbox full of strategies and techniques to help you overcome and heal from the inside out.
Strategies and techniques that have been designed by some of the world's leading names in neuroscience, trauma healing and heartbreak psychologies. 


We won't just talk about your break-up, we deal with your break-up, step by step, day by day.  


I will teach you to let go of the overwhelm, let go of the heartbreak
and leave your ex behind.


I can support you wherever you are in your Separation or Divorce journey.

Considering a Separation or Divorce?

Going Through a Separation or Divorce? 
Dealing with the Aftermath of a Separation or Divorce?


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